As the agency of the World’s leading air-conditioning system brands Webasto and Eberscbaer that aim to enhance driving comfort, our company carries out both whole-system and spare part sales of the said brands. Furthermore, our cooling-group product portfolio includes original air-conditioner compressors, air conditioning refrigerants, whole air-conditioning systems and spare parts.

Our Solution Partners in Heating – Cooling Group

Starter and Alternator

Starter motors, alternators and spare parts of all kinds of heavy, commercial, light commercial, passenger, heavy-duty vehicles and watercrafts are available in our stocks.


Our company strives for having the original and sub-industry products of the lighting systems of all kinds of vehicles ready in its stocks.


Blade terminals, automobile cables, automobile fuses, cloth tapes, breaker points,spark plugs, flashers and other materials used in automotive electricity are included in our range of products.

Trailer Equipments

Our company has the lighting and electricity group of products of globally known trailer brands ready in its stocks.


Having a wide range of accessory products, our company strengthens its variety with ever increasing volumes of imported products. Xenon, led bulbs, audio & video systems can be found and demonstrated in practice.