One of our main strengths that lead us to success is our employees. Our motivation for maintaining and improving our lead in the field by satisfying our business associates in every single phase of the service we provide, constitutes the essence of our approach to Human Resources. We see our employees as our most valuable assets and we build the relations with or employees on healthy and permanent basis. We adopt the principle of employing skilled and successful individuals and working together with them for long years. 

  The point whether our employees or the candidates within the process of selection and assignment process possess the competencies necessary for the given positions is determined by means of objective, reliable and applicable methods. A structure, in which both professional and personal competencies play a role, is being aimed at. Recruitment applications can be made, according to the procedure formed in line with this objective, to the job advertisements posted in newspapers or by means of general application ( at all times.

  Commercial / Industrial Vocational High School students and university undergraduates are provided with training opportunities. The main purpose of this system is to provide training opportunities to promising university, college, technical, commercial and industrial vocational high-school students, monitoring their performances during the traineeship period and employing those who have exhibited outstanding performances, after they graduate.